“Tray” Chic

There’s nothing more fabulous than fresh, tasty food — except for fresh, tasty food served on a tray. Everybody knows that, especially flight attendants. You’ve probably ordered trays of sandwiches (boring and soggy) and chicken strips (boring and greasy) for ages, but now, you can order your favorite Bullritos burritos in tray-form too!

Don’t worry. Trays may sound fancy, but they’re great for any party-planner on a budget. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays or just trying to get through your annual board meeting, burrito trays are sure to please a hungry crowd, and you won’t have to break the bank.

Stacked with our delicious half-sized burritos, Bullritos trays provide the perfect meal and put any ‘ol cold cut sandwich to shame. As always, each burrito is made fresh and packed with yummy, never-frozen ingredients.

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